Dictionaries (again)

Will v Brighton [2020] NSWCA 355

This case on the meaning of ‘pest animals’11 exposes a difference of view about use of dictionaries12.  Bell JA (at [52]) said ‘care must be taken not to place too heavy reliance’ on them.  Dictionaries provide no guidance on context and are ‘rarely determinative’.  She would not fully ignore them, however, as they may help to identify the ‘range of possible meanings’.

Basten JA stressed their general unhelpfulness13, saying that sentences (not words) are the building blocks of communication14.  Dictionaries don’t define words with precision; they reflect common usage.  iTip – while refusal to look at dictionaries can invite risk15, mechanical reliance on them is a clear no-no.

This principle is from Episode 69 of interpretation NOW!


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