Episode 63

Gordon Brysland

iNOW! turned 60 back in May.  What started as a little in-house ATO experiment to boost awareness of basic interpretation principle now has its own website, 400–odd subscribers and a fat kudos file.  It was expected that, after a few years, there would be little new to write about and we could go home.  Precisely the opposite turned out to be the case.  Courts every week say important things about interpretation that everyone reading statutes and saying what they mean needs to know.  iNOW! seeks to capture this judicial intel in bite-sized bits.  Its vision is limited; it doesn’t try to be the ‘last word’.  Our modest aim is to draw attention to principle and its application, providing signposts to the learning.  We still hold aspirations to process map digitally the basic landscape of interpretation.  Despite doubts elsewhere, ‘one giant leap’ of this kind is now not beyond the stars.

Gordon Brysland – Tax Counsel Network

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In this episode:

Credits – Gordon Brysland, Oliver Hood, Emily Tokic & Sally Snashall.