Episode 7

There is growing external interest in getting access to interpretation NOW! – something which will occur soon.  Tax Institute president Stephen Healey says iNOW! ‘provides excellent guidance’, and that it ‘distils these complex matters into more user friendly and practical guides’.  Professor Dennis Pearce, co-author of Pearce & Geddes Statutory Interpretation in Australia, writes – ‘I like your text-context-text formulation.  It seems to me to be the best that one can make of the varying dicta and is, in any case, good sense’ – see Episodes 2 and 4.  Like the Tax Institute, we hope that making iNOW! publicly available will ‘positively encourage greater co-operation and collaboration between members of the profession and the ATO’.  Please enjoy!

Will Day – Tax Counsel Network

See here for the official PDF of interpretationNOW! Episode 7

In this episode:


Writer –Gordon Brysland, Producer –Michelle Janczarski. Thanks to Ivica Bolonja, Robert Olding & Jo Stewart.