Remedial legislation

Krajcar [2022] VSC 173 and Kildair [2022] VSC 251

Two Victorian cases make key points on remedial and beneficial legislation.  In the first, Croft J (at [39-41]) notes that, while remedial laws ‘should be given a beneficial construction’9, this does not allow a court ‘to transcend express words … or to disregard the fundamental structure and approach of legislation’10.

In the second, Engelfield JR (at [38-40]) says that, while the overall purpose may be remedial, the ‘particular purpose of each provision must be identified’11.  A provision of limitation does ‘not call for artificial extensions’.  iTip – that remedial legislation is to be read beneficially in line with purpose confers no open licence on the interpreter.

This principle is from Episode 85 of interpretation NOW!


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