Statutes and common law

Fairfax Media v Gayle [2019] NSWCA 172

Chris Gayle the cricketer sued Fairfax for defamation – it was in all the papers.  Leeming JA (at [258-259]) commented on the ‘symbiotic relationship’ between statutes and the common law11.  They are not separate and independent sources of law, he said.

This is a subtle and difficult area, but with practical impacts.  One example from Episode 39 makes the point12.  When a common law term is used in a legislative code, does the full common law meaning go across into the code?  The answer given there was ‘no’13iTip – at all points of intersection between statutes and the common law, it is important to investigate context and purpose.

This case is from Episode 51 of interpretation NOW!


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