New textbook

Modern Statutory Interpretation

If a single word describes this textbook from Jeffrey Barnes, Jacinta Dharmananda and Eamonn Moran14, that word is ‘comprehensive’.  Among its strengths are the practical guidance it provides, its concise and up-to date explanations, and its worked examples.

There are 43 chapters, key ones being Ch 9 practical techniques, Ch 4 legislative intent, Ch 7 context and Ch 8 purpose – start with these to get across basic principles.  Navigation from there to things you need is a cinch.  As the title suggests, this is a modern workbook, not some dry codex for the shelves.  It is a 21st century guide to a landscape increasingly dominated by complex statutes from every angle15.

This principle is from Episode 93 of interpretation NOW!


14 La Trobe Law School, UWA, Victorian Inspectorate, respectively.

15 Cambridge University Press $160 online.