Changes in style

Pfizer Ireland v Samsung [2017] FCAFC 193

Change the words and you change the meaning – that’s standard.  Some jurisdictions1, however, have provisions about ‘changes to style’2.  s 15AC says that where the later Act ‘appears to have expressed the same idea in a different form of words for the purpose of using a clearer style the ideas shall not be taken to be different merely because different forms of words were used’3.  This usually works OK4

Pfizer Ireland (at [107]), however, is an example where ‘words of plain meaning’ could not be ignored5iTips … (1) s 15AC has its own drafting problems, (2) the ‘same idea’ test begs the question6, (3) don’t assume s 15AC cures all ills.

This case is from Episode 42 of interpretationNOW!


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