Episode 42

For over 3 years now, I have watched with interest the progress of iNOW!  The 42 episodes serve an important purpose of expanding our awareness of the principles of statutory interpretation – a small but important step towards better tax administration and a stronger tax system.  Our 2024 Vision focuses on  ‘doing the basics brilliantly’, and being able to interpret tax law is one of those essential ‘basics’.  I also like the way iNOW! advances our cultural change initiatives.  These include creating a greater service ethic, fostering ongoing collaboration with the professions, and engaging the community in better, smarter and more contemporary ways.  iNOW! is evolving as a valuable resource for ATO officers, professionals and the community.

Chris Jordan – Commissioner of Taxation

See here for the official PDF of interpretationNOW! Episode 42

In this episode:


Writers – Chris Jordan & Gordon Brysland. Producer – Joseph Tranzillo.