Episode 12

To get the culture we want means changing things, including how we communicate.  Better communication starts with better understanding and involves simpler, smarter messaging delivered in more efficient, modern ways.  iNOW! is a small part of this process at the ATO.  We aim to boost awareness of interpretation issues generally via short simple messages – tweets almost.  Reducing technical ideas to simple language is not easy, but neither is it optional.  The benchmark is whether, within 2 minutes, the target reader can say – ‘hey, I get that’.  That reader is anyone working with legislation in one way or another.  Each episode also gets road-tested by reviewers (internal and external) before publication.  It’s the audience who call the shots at iNOW!  

John Gleeson – Tax Counsel Network

See here for the official PDF of interpretationNOW! Episode 12

In this episode:


Writer – Gordon Brysland, Producer – Michelle Janczarski. Thanks to Steven Fogarty, John Larocque and Neil Olesen.