Episode 44

For many years, senior judges have asked that the ‘teaching of statutory interpretation is given the prominence and priority which its daily importance to modern legal practice warrants’1.  Few cases in any court these days do not involve the interpretation of some statutory framework or other2.  John Milburn is a QCAT member who also teaches Advanced Statutory Interpretation at Central Queensland University.  He encourages students to read iNOW! and says the episodes are of ‘exceptional educational value for those learning the law’.  Other universities do similarly.  iTip – no one working with legislation and its meaning can afford not to keep up with the principles as they are applied day-to-day by the courts.   

Joseph Tranzillo – Tax Counsel Network, currently summer clerk at Maddocks

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In this episode:


Writers – Joseph Tranzillo & Gordon Brysland.  Producer – Suna Rizalar.

1 Approaches to Interpretation [2009] LCA discussion paper (at 1).

2 cf French CJ Bending Words [2014] UWA guest lecture series (at 2).